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We provide quality assured food and beverage packaging solutions for all your packaging needs.


Multicup Products

Generic and branded paper cups & lids

Generic and branded plastic cups & lids

Allied disposable food packaging

Environmentally friendly disposable packaging

Protective clothing & cloths


Foodpac products

Paper products including plates, serviettes, cups & bags

Plastic products including cups, cutlery & bags

Foam products including cups and tubs with lids plus food containers

Various aluminum food containers

Wrapping products including foil, cling wrap & wax paper


Enviro Products

All products are made from renewable plant based material including sugarcane & cornstarch products

100% Compostable and Biodegradable cups & lids

Wide range of wooden products including cutlery & stirrers

Extensive range of paper products including paper bags, paper straws, craft food containers & cup holders

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