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Our Mission

To anticipate, innovate and reliably deliver high-quality, sustainable beverage and food packaging solutions for our Out-of-Home, Wholesale and Retail customers founded on the fulfilment of their specific and unique needs from point-of-purchase to ultimate disposal

Our Vision

We provide innovative and competitively priced, one stop packaging solutions for the presentation of all food and beverage products, and selected food and allied disposables. We do this for convenience and ease of procurement for our customers through our Multi-cup and Foodpac channels


 Multi-cup Story

Founded in 2010 and having the head office based in Johannesburg, Multi-Cup is a well-established packaging company distributing a wide range of environmentally friendly branded and generic ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ beverage cups and allied packaging to the food service and vending industries throughout South Africa, as well as to a growing geographical export market in Africa.

An exciting development in the growth of the company was the acquisition of Multi-Cup Solutions by Libstar. Currently Multi-cup Solutions operates as a division of Libstar Operations Pty Ltd. In addition, in 2013 the company Foodpac was acquired by Libstar and merged with Multi-cup Solutions.

In the wake of growing environmental concerns with regards to packaging, Multi-Cup has aligned its strategic intent with the development and supply of a range of eco-sensitive beverage cups. The company is now in the inevitable position to supply its full range of paper cups in a fully biodegradable and compostable PLA-coated alternative form to both established brands as well as under its own generic ‘Enviro Cup’ range. The company, too, is in the process of broadening its reach into a range of diversified compostable packaging.

Going forward, Multi-Cup seeks to continue developing its relationships with key brands as well as securing organic growth through its offering of a wide range of product as solutions to the trends and demands of the Quick Service Restaurant and FMCG partners.

Strategically, as a result of numerous ‘look and learn’ visits to Europe in late 2017, Multi-Cup has recently sought to grow its product offering into a broader range of diversified packaging, all targeted into the Food Service segment of the market and offering a critical point of differentiation.


Foodpac Story

Multi-cup solutions (Pty) Ltd trading as Foodpac/Multi-cup is a subsidiary of the Libstar Group and suppliers of packaging, sauces and related products throughout SA and surrounding countries.

Our head office is based in Pomona, Johannesburg with regional offices in Kwazulu Natal, Cape Town and Eastern Cape. We also have 2 warehouses based in Johannesburg as well as 3rd Party Warehouse and Distribution Centers in Johannesburg, Kwazulu Natal, Cape Town, Eastern Cape, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana.

Foodpac is in the business of supplying imported and local food, beverage and allied disposables to wholesalers, low cost retailers and distributors. We are also leaders in bulk buying and break down.

We do so through:

  • Convenience of being a single source supply

  • Central warehousing and national distribution

  • Offering house brands and generic products across multiple volumes

  • Excellent customer relationships

  • Pricing competitively

An important pillar in our core philosophy is that of differentiation and product innovation. We continually strive to be ‘first to market’ with customized packaging solutions.

Our Key Differentiators:


Our Company

As a company we have a well-established regional representation with a national footprint.

We have short delivery times and deliver countrywide.

We offer down-packing according to client’s requirements.

Various printing options are available to brand cups.

We offer stock holding facilities for bulk printed orders.

Libstar was founded in 2005, Libstar is the leading producer and supplier of high quality products in the CPG industry and markets a wide range of products in South Africa and globally.

Libstar was founded in 2005, Libstar is the leading producer and supplier of high quality products in the CPG industry and markets a wide range of products in South Africa and globally.

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