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 Introduction: We are going green

Founded in 2010 and having the head office based at its 7000m2 warehousing and distribution centre in Johannesburg, Multi-Cup is a well-established packaging company distributing a wide range of branded and generic ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ beverage cups and allied packaging to the food service and vending industries throughout South Africa, as well as to a growing geographical export market in Africa.


Multi-Cup has secured the exclusive rights to all Korean company Pelican and Plus products in Sub-Saharan Africa, which, together with its growing supply base in Asia and the Far East, gives the company on-going exposure to cutting-edge technology and global trends across a wide range of paper and plastic beverage products, currently being supplied to such leading global brands as KFC, Coca-Cola, Nescafe, Milo, Burger King, and Starbucks. Over the last eight years Multi-Cup, too, has developed its footprint in Southern Africa, and is currently a proud supplier to such brands as KFC, Ciro, Lavazza, Chaywa, Woolworths, Sodexo, Slush Puppie, Nu-Metro Cinemas, Vida e Caffe, Steers, Wimpy, Mugg and Bean, Ster Kinekor, Coca- Cola, and AB-Inbev. 


Having immediate access to the capacities and technical expertise of various state-of-the-art production facilities has allowed Multi-Cup to develop an extensive product range of beverage packaging across both paper and plastic mediums. An important pillar in Multi-cup’s core philosophy is that of differentiation and product innovation as the company continually strives to be ‘first to market’ with customized packaging solutions.


The various production facilities are subjected to the most rigorous factory inspections and audit programmes based on the highest standards set by both our local and global partners. Strict implementation of, and adherence to these total quality management standards has repeatedly assured Multi-cup’s status as approved supplier to such global clients as The Coca-Cola Company and Yum International (KFC).


In the wake of growing environmental concerns with regards to packaging, Multi-Cup has aligned its strategic intent with the development and supply of a range of eco-sensitive beverage cups. 


The company is now in the enviable position to supply its full range of paper cups in a fully biodegradable and compostable PLA-coated alternative form to both established brands as well as under its own generic ‘Enviro Cup’ range. The company, too, is in the process of broadening its reach into a range of diversified compostable packaging. 


Going forward, Multi-Cup seeks to continue developing its relationships with key brands as well as securing organic growth through its offering of a customized beverage cup and packaging solution to a variety of Quick Service Restaurant, Food Service and FMCG partners.


An exciting development in the growth of the company was the acquisition in 2012 of a shareholding in Multi-Cup by Liberty Star Consumer Holdings (Pty) Ltd ("Libstar"), which manufactures and distributes a variety of food, household, personal care and packaging products to the FMCG sectors. Multi-Cup importantly now has at its disposal access to Libstar’s extensive network of trade relationships, experience, skills and capital base to positively enhance the company’s continued growth prospects going forward. In addition, in 2013 the company Foodpac was acquired by Libstar and merged with Multi-Cup. Traditionally Foodpac had been focused on providing a range of house brand packaging and sauces to the formal wholesale and quasi-retail sectors of the market, most notably the Aro brand to Makro. Foodpac continues to seek to grow this range as a channel of distribution for several of the Libstar manufacturing concerns into the wholesale sector. 


Strategically, as a result of numerous ‘look and learn’ visits to Europe in late 2017, Multi-Cup has recently sought to grow its product offering into a broader range of diversified packaging, all targeted into the Food Service segment of the market and offering a critical point of differentiation. 


We sincerely thank you for your interest in our company and its exciting product offering and look forward to being of service.